What are the requirements to join DocReviewers.com?

You must either have completed a JD degree from an ABA-certified law school, a foreign bar license and an LLM degree from an ABA-certified law school, or a bar license in a US jurisdiction to join DocReviewers.com. Your profile will not be activated unless you meet these requirements.

We currently do not accept profiles from legal assistants, paralegals, individuals with only an LLM degree, or individuals with a JD degree from a law school that does not meet ABA certification standards. Please do not create an account if you do not meet these requirements.

Additionally, you will be required to complete and submit a profile, including at least three references, before you will be eligible to receive invitations through DocReviewers.com. Please pay attention to what information is requested when you complete your profile as incomplete or inaccurate information may delay the activation of your profile or may result in your profile being rejected. You are only required to fill any fields that are highlighted in red; all other fields are optional. Most fields contain a help button next to them to define and clarify how to fill out the field. If you are still unsure of what information is requested, please contact us.

Please pay specific attention to the "Professional References" page when completing your profile. We require responses from at least three references and will not review your profile until we receive these responses. We require references as it assures project hosts that reviewers who are active on our site are qualified and will enable them to complete their projects on time and without error.

Do not provide as a reference yourself, any family members (including spouses), or friends with whom you have not worked. We will not accept these references as they cannot provide an objective evaluation of your professionalism or suitability for document review projects.

Your profile will be rejected if you list as a reference yourself or a family member. The "Professional References" page clearly states doing so is not acceptable. Document review requires the ability to follow directions and pay attention to detail - failure to demonstrate these skills when completing your profile is indicative that you do not have the skills to be a document reviewer with DocReviewers.com.

If you have difficulty providing at least three references, please be aware that we accept a variety of reference types, ranging from current or former colleagues to clients to others who have observed your work habits, such as fellow law school alumni. We simply need someone who can evaluate your professionalism and suitability for document review projects to answer a short ten minute survey. If you have someone in mind but are unsure whether they would be a suitable reference, please feel free to ask us as we would be happy to let you know whether we would accept their recommendation.