We connect the document review community to make it better.

Our founder saw firsthand how fractured and inefficient the industry was. Project hosts couldn't find the right talent, reviewers waited weeks for projects to staff and start, and counsel wasted time and resources searching for a quality partner within their budget. The solution was simple: bring the document review community together.

We provide the tools and resources to help you succeed.

DocReviewers.com provides a platform for the document review community to connect and coordinate. Our marketplace matches project hosts to quality talent. Our management tools help teams coordinate and execute efficiently. And our other resources connect counsel to staffing agencies and managed review providers so they get the best partners at reasonable rates. There's something for everyone at DocReviewers.com and we're always innovating to make things even better.

We focus on the human side of e-discovery.

DocReviewers.com is about people. With the right tools and resources, a review team is capable of achieving anything. We built DocReviewers.com around that principle - everything we do is to help each member of the document review community perform at their best.

Join us and grow.

With DocReviewers.com, you'll have the opportunity to save time and resources. You can then focus on what's really important, whether that means building your practice, delivering the best results to your clients, or working less and enjoying life more. Whatever your goal, DocReviewers.com can get you there by helping you manage and simplify your document review needs.

Connect to the document review community.

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