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We get it because we’ve been there.

DocReviewers.com was started in 2017 by former reviewers. We know what it’s like to apply to dozens of agencies and get no responses, to wait days or weeks for the next project to be available, and how tedious it is to fill out a conflicts form for every project. We knew there was a better way. And now there is: DocReviewers.com.

We are not a document review agency.

Our focus is on making reviewer recruitment, staffing, and management more efficient. As such, DocReviewers.com doesn’t offer managed document review services. Instead, we help these providers as well as law firms improve and simplify their processes so they can deliver the best result to their client.

We created DocReviewers.com to provide a better document review experience.

That means simplifying the recruitment process. One DocReviewers.com application makes you eligible for projects from multiple agencies and firms, including those you haven’t already worked with. It also means automating your conflicts and availability. You’ll receive invites to projects happening when you’re available and conflicts forms will become a thing of the past.

We also offer resources to help you achieve your goals beyond document review.

As a DocReviewers.com member, you’ll enjoy a better document review experience as well as other benefits. We offer resources to help you start or maintain your own practice. We also offer access to recruiters in case you want to be considered for a more permanent position. Whether document review is your chosen career or you’re waiting for the next opportunity to come along, DocReviewers.com can help.

Grow with us.

With DocReviewers.com, you’ll save time so you can focus on more important things. Whether that means building your practice, transitioning to a new career path, or enjoying more of life, we can help. Sign up today and start getting a better document review experience!

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