Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is document review?

    Document review is an essential element of discovery. Before parties proceed to trial, they request information from one another in support of their claims. This information needs to be reviewed for relevance and privilege and may need to be redacted before being produced to another party.

    Document review projects gather qualified attorneys and JD degree holders in law firm offices, review centers, or remotely to review and analyze this information. Most reviews occur digitally through software such as Relativity or Ringtail, although some projects still require the review of paper documents.

    Reviewers must sort through dozens of documents every hour, determining each document's relevance to the case, categorizing or coding it by topic, and redacting any privileged or protected information or logging the reason for withholding it for privilege. Reviewers who excel at this task may be asked to perform quality control to ensure that fellow team members are performing their duties correctly. Review projects continue until all documents are reviewed or until discovery ends, usually as the result of a deadline or settlement between the parties.

    Document review is ideal for any recent law school graduates, lawyers between firms, retired attorneys, or solo practitioners looking for supplemental income while they build their practice. Most projects have flexible hours, allow you to gain insight into a variety of fascinating topics, and provide you the opportunity to network with attorneys with different backgrounds and areas of expertise.

  • What does do? connects reviewers with law firms and managed review agencies who are staffing upcoming document review projects. With, reviewers only need to create a profile once to be considered by multiple law firms and agencies. makes it easy to keep your profile up to date. When you accept a project through, your profile's availability and conflicts automatically update. These updates mean you'll get invitations to projects that fit your schedule and for which you have no conflicts. All you have to do is accept the invitation and start working.

  • Who is for and what are the requirements to join? is for any individual authorized to work in the US and who is barred in one or more US jurisdictions or possesses a JD or LLM degree from an ABA-approved law school. Foreign barred attorneys are also welcome to join as long as they meet these requirements. You must also be physically located in the US, even if the project is remote.

  • Should I sign up?

    Yes! If you would like to be considered for upcoming projects by multiple agencies and law firms, sign up with!

  • What about JDs or LLMs who don't have a bar license?

    Many projects require a bar license from a US jurisdiction, but some permit the use of unlicensed JDs or LLMs. You are welcome to join if you just have a JD or LLM degree from an ABA-approved law school.

  • What about individuals who don't have a JD or LLM degree?

    We will not approve profiles submitted by individuals who are either not barred in a US jurisdiction or who do not possess a JD or LLM degree from an ABA-approved law school.

  • Why should I join when I've already registered with several agencies? What benefits does offer? is for people who want more projects and more time. With, you don't have to constantly search for new projects. Our growing network of partners means that new projects find you instead.

    We also save you time in other ways. Your conflicts and availability will automatically update with each project you accept through You'll no longer have to keep updating conflicts forms for each project. And you'll usually only be invited to projects on which you can actually work - no more mass emails to read only to find out the project is taking place when you're not available.

  • Does offer remote document review projects?

    Agencies and law firms offer all different types of projects through, including remote reviews. When you fill out your profile, be sure to choose "Remote" as an option in the "Project Locations" section to be considered for remote projects.

  • How much does it cost to use is free for reviewers to use to be invited to projects.

  • Does employ document reviewers or conduct managed reviews?

    No. simply provides a marketplace for reviewers and project hosts to connect as well as the tools they need to succeed on their next document review project.

  • How does the sign up process work?

    To sign up, create a "Reviewer" account on Once you've confirmed your email address and logged in, fill out the requested information. Be sure to review your information for accuracy and completeness when you get to the "Review & Submit" page. If your profile is filled out properly and ready to go, submit it.

    Once you submit your profile, we'll review it after we receive responses from at least three references. We'll then contact you if we have any questions about your profile or, if not, we'll approve it. You'll then be ready to start receiving project invitations through!

  • Why does my profile need to be approved before receiving invites? verifies your provided information to ensure it is complete and accurate so project hosts don't have to. Instead, they can quickly and confidently review your profile and decide whether you're a fit for their upcoming projects so you can start receiving more invitations.

  • What if my profile isn't approved? may review your profile but decline to approve it. A profile might not be approved for several reasons, such as incomplete or inaccurate information, improper qualifications, or a change in need for reviewers. To reduce the chance your profile is not approved, please be sure to provide accurate and complete information when you complete your profile.

  • How can I help

    Ask the agencies or law firms you've previously worked with on document review projects if they're a member. If they aren't, let them know how easy and fast staffing projects is with and tell them to contact us about becoming a partner.

  • Where is based and can I visit your office?

    We're a Florida company but work entirely remotely to allow us to offer for no cost to reviewers like you. We don't have offices to visit or a phone number to call, but we're always available by email. To learn more about us and why we strive to help you, visit our "About Us" page.

  • What if I have a question? How do I get in touch with

    If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us using the button below.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us using the button below.

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